Outfit Inspiration | Aztec Leggings with Camel Sweater

    We have been very blessed to have a not too bad winter.  We are in one of those places that had record-high temperatures, we had 75° in February.  A lot of places are experiencing severe winter storms.  That’s why I get to wear this kind of outfit in the winter, otherwise, I will be all bundled up with 5 or 6 layers of clothing. 

    I know my front door decor still says fall – what can I say – fall is my favorite season ♥

    Okay, let’s start talking about my outfit.  I’ve had this leggings now for almost three years and it is still in great condition and very comfortable. 

    The secret to making my leggings stay in good shape for a very long time is air-dry.  I do load them in the washing machine but I rarely put them in the dryer.  I hang them in hangers in the garage and let it air dry.  That way the fabric doesn’t shrink or if it does, it will be minimal.

    The sweater that I am wearing here was bought from Old Navy, it was an end of season sale last year and it was less than $10.  The scarf is my favorite and you probably recognize it because I’ve featured that scarf numerous times in my outfit inspiration.

    I like wearing comfortable clothes but it has to look put together.  I wore this outfit to work.
    I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration and remember…

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    Outfit Inspiration | Blue Sweater in the Fall

    I am just so happy with all the fall colors around me.  That’s what makes blue sweater really pop in the this season!  
    We went to this very beautiful state park by the lake and we love the colors around us!
    I like wearing long necklace, it always makes it look better.  My goal is always to make me feel comfortable even with this cold weather.
    Then put on a knee-high boots or booties, it’s up to you!  I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration and remember…
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    Outfit Inspiration | Leggings and Sweater with Camel Boots

    I pulled together today’s outfit inspiration for fall.

    Sometimes in my area the weather is so perfectly fall and this outfit can go with wherever you may want to go.  I also like wearing sexy plus size clothing in this weather because it is very comfortable.  In some days, I also go for cute dresses with leggings.  

     I mean — comfy knee-high boots to go pick up your kids from school or go to work, who doesn’t want that? ♥

     Oh how about that saddle bag!  This bag I have been using since I bought it. ♥
    I always scarf it out to keep me warm enough or if it’s warm enough in the middle of the day, it can easily be taken off.
    I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration and remember….
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    Outfit Inspiration | Fall Transition

    One of the nice things about fall weather is that when it’s cool but not that cold, you can still use your dresses then layer it with jacket or sweater and pair with booties to keep your toes warm enough.

    Today’s outfit inspiration is what that is.  I’m wearing a plum shift dress that I bought from Forever 21.  You should shop now, they have a big Columbus sale going on it’s buy one get one free, Code:BOGOFREE.
    I paired it with a brown booties that was from DSW, the brand is Franco Sarto and gosh it’s so comfortable.  Although it looks like suede in the photo but it is actually leather upper(Franco Sarto Appeal bootie).  I love that is pointed, it’s brown and it has the trendy block heel.  

    It was $139 and now on sale at $69.94 plus they have a sale going on with Code:FALLSAVINGS.

    Some of you may have seen this brown saddle bag that I posted on Instagram. It may seem so small but it holds so much, it has been my purse since I bought it.  Got this from Macy’s and now it’s on sale for $49.99 original $109.50.  Giani Bernini Saffiano Top-Zip Mini Saddle Bag, it has 6 other colors you guys should check it out.  Here’s some of my favorites:

    I know right?!! What about that pastel rose, love ♥  Anyway Macy’s has free shipping at $50 plus 20% off with Code:SUPER.
    To define my waistline, I used a black slim belt.  Finally, I layered it with a blush jacket.  Can’t really remember where was this from but you can see similar below.
    I hope you like today’s outfit inspiration, remember…

    Inspired by my outfit?  Check out some similar items below.