Outfit Inspiration | Aztec Leggings with Camel Sweater

We have been very blessed to have a not too bad winter.  We are in one of those places that had record-high temperatures, we had 75° in February.  A lot of places are experiencing severe winter storms.  That’s why I get to wear this kind of outfit in the winter, otherwise, I will be all bundled up with 5 or 6 layers of clothing. 

I know my front door decor still says fall – what can I say – fall is my favorite season ♥

Okay, let’s start talking about my outfit.  I’ve had this leggings now for almost three years and it is still in great condition and very comfortable. 

The secret to making my leggings stay in good shape for a very long time is air-dry.  I do load them in the washing machine but I rarely put them in the dryer.  I hang them in hangers in the garage and let it air dry.  That way the fabric doesn’t shrink or if it does, it will be minimal.

The sweater that I am wearing here was bought from Old Navy, it was an end of season sale last year and it was less than $10.  The scarf is my favorite and you probably recognize it because I’ve featured that scarf numerous times in my outfit inspiration.

I like wearing comfortable clothes but it has to look put together.  I wore this outfit to work.
I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration and remember…

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