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    First Holy Communion | With Amazon Link to My Daughter’s Dress

    My daughter had her First Holy Communion not too long ago.  We were so happy and thankful to witness this very special celebration.

    She has been attending the religious education classes to prepare herself for this day.

    The ceremony was very emotional because watching her reminded me how she has grown so fast.

    We are thankful and happy of how she gracefully received her First Holy Communion that day.

    We had some compliments on how simple yet pretty her dress was that day.

    I bought her dress on Amazon, please click on the picture below if you’re interested.

    My daughter and I both chose this dress among the other dresses that we saw on Amazon.

    The lace patterns are gorgeous, it has that soft light stretchy material that lets her mover her arms comfortably.

    The dress is beautiful and classic, the length is perfect and quality overall is great.  I highly recommend this dress for any special occasion for your daughter.  

    Thanks for stopping by and until then…

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    Elf Fun Day 3 – With a Basket Asking for Toys Donation

    I am now convinced that my kids’ elves are good elves.

    Today they came back by our Christmas Tree with a message “It’s nice to give too 🙂 Please fill up this basket with toys you want to give and I will take them to the North Pole for other kids.”

    This is something that all kids should learn that Christmas is not just about receiving – IT IS ALSO GIVING.

    This morning, when my kids saw their elves they were already thinking what toys they are willing to part with so other kids can also enjoy.

    We had a talk about how much they have – more than they need – and that there are a lot of kids all over the world that has nothing and it would be really nice to share what they have.

    My husband and I both grew up without much and we always try to instill to our kids to appreciate what they have and never take any blessing for granted.

    I am just so glad that their elves share the same values. Thanks for stopping by and until then…

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    Elf Fun Day 2 – Preparing the Kid’s Cereal Breakfast

    You won’t believe how excited the kids were when they woke up this morning.  They were really hopeful that their elves came back and at the same time they were excited to see where in the house and what their elves did this time.

    When they couldn’t find their elves in their bedrooms they asked me and their dad to look for them.

    There! We found Sweety and Fred on the dining table with a little mess and Fred’s mishap trying to get the breakfast ready.

    Sweety looks pretty ready and alright.

    But Fred on the other hand looks like he was trying to get out of the cereal container and got stucked in there.  He almost got caught trying to get out of the container.

    His face looks like he said “Uh oh! Crap they’re up, what do I do now?” lol!

    The kids said their “thank you’s” to their elves for preparing their breakfast and that they really happy to see them both back.

    Do you also have elves that showed up in your house today?  I’d like to hear how they showed up.

    Thanks for stopping by and until then, XO.

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    Elf Fun Day 1 – Hanging by the Door

    The kids woke up and got so excited to see their elves came today.


    The elves were hanging by the their bedroom doors like a spiderman, with a message.  That says “Hi! Santa sent me to spy on you 🙂 can you name me please :)”.  Well it didn’t take them very long to name their elves and they kept on warning me not to touch it otherwise it’s going to lose it’s magical powers and can’t go back to the North Pole.

    They’re pretty thrilled about this and is looking forward what their elves are gonna be up to tomorrow.

    Do you also have elves that showed up in your house today?  I’d like to hear how they showed up.

    Thanks for stopping by and until then, XO.