Elf Fun Day 2 – Preparing the Kid’s Cereal Breakfast

You won’t believe how excited the kids were when they woke up this morning.  They were really hopeful that their elves came back and at the same time they were excited to see where in the house and what their elves did this time.

When they couldn’t find their elves in their bedrooms they asked me and their dad to look for them.

There! We found Sweety and Fred on the dining table with a little mess and Fred’s mishap trying to get the breakfast ready.

Sweety looks pretty ready and alright.

But Fred on the other hand looks like he was trying to get out of the cereal container and got stucked in there.  He almost got caught trying to get out of the container.

His face looks like he said “Uh oh! Crap they’re up, what do I do now?” lol!

The kids said their “thank you’s” to their elves for preparing their breakfast and that they really happy to see them both back.

Do you also have elves that showed up in your house today?  I’d like to hear how they showed up.

Thanks for stopping by and until then, XO.