Outfit Inspiration | Leather Jacket + Skinny Jeans

    One of  my go to layer during this cold weather – is my leather jacket.  It is so versatile that you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion or where you’re going.  It doesn’t make me feel bulky or heavy too.

    The first outfit I wore to church, paired with skinny jeans, black chiffon top and gray wedge boots.

    The second outfit I just wore when we were walking around the Las Vegas strip.  I paired it with white skinny jeans, lace top and sneakers.  Speaking of Las Vegas, I will talk about that trip and some review of the places we stayed, went, did and eat, hopefully sooner than later.

    As some of you might know a little bit of me already, what I wear are all affordable.  I hope you find today’s post inspiring. 


    Get Ready for Spring | Spring Favorites

    Deewatch Inspiration I love love everything blush – pinkish – flower – and – spring color lately.  The above dresses are all from F21 and I love them all ♥

    But I am totally obsessed with this one in particular.

    Cold shoulder  cute  flowy ✔ floral ✔ spring color  blush ✔ maxi 

    I can’t even stand how cute this dress is ♥ For $27.90 – super reasonable too!

    This one is also my favorite, the pattern and color looks a little Lilly’ish (Lilly Pulitzer).

    And of course, this classic and basic swing dress – in blush.  Love – love ♥

    Stick around, I will be posting more spring outfits inspiration and favorites.  I may have a high/low favorites and favorites under $50.   Until next time!


    Outfit Inspiration | White Jeans with Blush Sweater and Camel Coat

    Okay, I think I jinxed it since we had a little bit of flurries last week after a beautiful record-high weather the week before that.

    Here, let me share my sister’s photo of her deck when it had the flurries.

    So I am back wearing the winter outfits – – again.  I am super looking forward to spring.  In the meantime let’s talk about today’s outfit inspiration.

    This is the first time in a very long time since I last wear this white jeans and I am very excited even just by telling this.  There is a certain ease in wearing something white in contrast with wearing a coat in the winter.  It feels effortless. 

    I hope you enjoyed today’s outfit inspiration.

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    High/Low Favorites | Floral Dress Edition

    Floral Dress // High  | Low
    Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress // High  | Low
    Blush Swing Dress // High  | Low
    Tell me if it’s just me or you’re also like me.  I like to tell people how cheap I bought something or if I bought it on sale.  If somebody complements my shoes/clothes/whatever, I’ll tell that person “oh I got it for $15 ☺”.  It makes me proud of myself that I didn’t spend that much money to buy it.
    So today I’d be sharing high/low of the floral dresses that I’ve been swooning for spring look (see post here).
    One of my go to places to score deals is TJ Maxx.  You might want to check out TJ Maxx for new deals everyday.   Shop T.J.Maxx for Block Sandals,Wedge Sandals, Heeled Sandals or Flat Sandals.
    Now, let’s just say the quality is not comparable, for me if the item that I am buying is seasonal, like spring dresses, it’s fine.  Because I don’t normally wear my spring dresses all year round.  That being said, it makes the clothes last a little longer.
    One of the things that I also do to keep my clothes last longer is that I air dry them.
    Finally, since I always want to buy something new every year.  Spending $20 versus $120 is a lot better, unless of course if you have the money to burn, then by all means – go for it.  I would ♥ What’s your favorite high or low?  Do you have any deals secret that you want to share.
    If you’re planning on shopping, please also stop by and browse my “Shop” tab on the top navigation bar.  Thanks!
    Happy Friday and see you next time!