Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

    One of the things that I first do when Spring comes around is do my spring cleaning.  Whether be it purging outgrown clothes of my kids or deep cleaning spaces that needs special attention. Spring is the perfect time to tackle some of those necessary deep cleaning tasks and send away the smell of the winter months from your home.  In my case, I try to regularly clean our windows or dust the furnitures or ceiling fans, there are still important cleaning tasks that I know I have left off my list list.  I am going to share those to you and maybe this year, you can add these things…


    Spring Cleaning | Ultimate Room by Room List

    Spring gets me excited because that means we get to do our spring cleaning.  I found this very comprehensive spring cleaning checklist that I’d like to share. I found this from Taste of Home (https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/spring-cleaning-checklist/) and you can go through the list and you can clean to your hearts content. Enjoy your spring cleaning!


    How to Naturally Clean & Polish your Stainless Steel Refrigerator

    Every January I always have the energy and motivation to do some deep cleaning and organizing.  And there are a lot of exciting cleaning and organizing things that I will be sharing here in my blog. Today I will be sharing how to naturally clean and polish your stainless steel refrigerator.   Stainless steel appliances adds a nice contemporary look to a kitchen.  They are sleek and clean and supposed to be stainless.  But that is not necessarily true.Because my stainless appliances are covered with streaks, smudges and fingerprints, little ones.  Especially when you take a closer look at it.If you have kids like me (okay let’s not blame the kids on…