Our Backsplash Choice

Not too long ago I posted about how it makes me want to cry when I see our wall above the sink without backsplash.  Yeah, I am being dramatic about this whole thing, but my thought is we pay a whole lot of money for this house, then we need to keep this reliableclean & beautiful.
Easier said than done because, let’s face it, to achieve those three items, it cost money – they either come in small amount or large amount.  
Backsplashing is one of those home improvements that it is smarter to wait to really buy what you wanted, because it is an investment that increases the value of your home.
Finally we have purchased the backsplash that The Mr. and I both like.  We bought two boxes of this Allen + Roth Mosaic Wall Tile.  The picture below is kind of lighter than the actual colors.
This is actually the fourth on the list of my kitchen backsplash inspiration.
What I like about this backsplash is that it even with our white cabinets, it will add enough visual interest and lots of attention because of it its varying colors & sizes in the mosaic.
Now I cannot wait to install this!!♥  I am super excited!!♥
Until then…
***Update 02/11/15: Our kitchen backsplash is finally installed, if you want to see it, click here.***
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