{DIY} Earring Holder

***Update: This project got featured at 

Good Housekeeping and Be Colorful.***

Today I’m so excited to share my {DIY} Earring Holder using a cooling rack.

I so ♥ it because my earrings are now organized.

And if you have been reading my blog, you know that I don’t spend much on my projects.  The total cost spent for this project is 50 cents.  Oh Yeah!

Here are the materials that I used:

  • cooling rack
  • old dry erase board – you can use any picture frame you have
  • wrapping paper – or fabric, whatever you prefer
  • adhesives – loctite super glue, double sided tape, scotch tape & electrical tape

I bought my cooling rack from dollar store with 2 pieces per pack & this is the only thing that I spent money with that is the 50 cents since I only used one.

I spray painted the cooling rack gold to add some bling to my earring holder & to eliminate the industrial look of the cooling rack.

Then I covered this old dry erase board using a double side tape with a pretty wrapping paper that I already have, which by the way was used on my food packaging organization and then I used the black electrical tape to cover the frame.

When the cooling rack was dry from the gold spray paint, I adhered it to the my frame using scotch tape & loctite super glue.

Waited for 30 minutes before I started hanging my earrings!  How awesome!

More photos for you… 

And I like how it looks beside my {diy} necklace holder.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, XO.