Personalized Necklace

    Personalized name necklaces are really on trend these days.  I actually got mine last Christmas and I’ve worn it almost everyday. There are a lot of online stores and one I can recommend is the Get Me Necklace site.  They have a wide variety of selections and they not only have necklaces but they have other products too. I’m looking at buying this ring, it’s simple and classic.  I’ll put my kids names on the 2 rings and then my husband and my initials on the other ring.   It’s actually a great time to get yours now since they have a mothers day sales going on.  The sales is not just for necklaces…


    Spring Cleaning | Ultimate Room by Room List

    Spring gets me excited because that means we get to do our spring cleaning.  I found this very comprehensive spring cleaning checklist that I’d like to share. I found this from Taste of Home (https://www.tasteofhome.com/article/spring-cleaning-checklist/) and you can go through the list and you can clean to your hearts content. Enjoy your spring cleaning!

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    Elf Fun Day 3 – With a Basket Asking for Toys Donation

    I am now convinced that my kids’ elves are good elves. Today they came back by our Christmas Tree with a message “It’s nice to give too πŸ™‚ Please fill up this basket with toys you want to give and I will take them to the North Pole for other kids.” This is something that all kids should learn that Christmas is not just about receiving – IT IS ALSO GIVING. This morning, when my kids saw their elves they were already thinking what toys they are willing to part with so other kids can also enjoy. We had a talk about how much they have – more than they…

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    Elf Fun Day 2 – Preparing the Kid’s Cereal Breakfast

    You won’t believe how excited the kids were when they woke up this morning.  They were really hopeful that their elves came back and at the same time they were excited to see where in the house and what their elves did this time. When they couldn’t find their elves in their bedrooms they asked me and their dad to look for them. There! We found Sweety and Fred on the dining table with a little mess and Fred’s mishap trying to get the breakfast ready. Sweety looks pretty ready and alright. But Fred on the other hand looks like he was trying to get out of the cereal container…