How to Install Over the Range Microwave [GE JVM3160 DFWW]

    Disclaimer: We are just regular homeowners, we are not responsible for any injuries caused from following this video. Please work safely and perform at your own risk. If you have doubts what so ever about doing diy electrical work, please do the smart thing & hire a qualified specialist to perform the work for you.

    Our old microwave decided to quit working so we had to replace it.  My husband and I made a decision to install it ourselves, mostly himself lol!  We are just regular homeowners that wanted to do DIY, please see disclaimer above if you’re having doubts doing it yourself.

    We had a GE built-in microwave oven, it was secured in two places:

    1. with a metal mounting plate at the back
    2. screws drilled through the top panel

    Please check out my videos on how to pull out stove oven range before starting the removal. – https://youtu.be/5z9-rNJ-J60

    Before you begin, read the instructions that’s on the manual that came with your microwave.

    You can watch the full video on my youtube chanel by clicking on the vide below.

    How to:

    • unbox the microwave, it will have the following the contents:
      • tray
      • hardwares
      • turn table ring
      • grease filters
      • charcoal filter
      • exhaust adaptor
    • cut the templates
    • remove the mounting plate that’s attached to the microwave oven at the back
    • remove the old mounting plate from the wall
    • find studs to determine the new mount plate location
    • drill holes to place the screws
    • attach the mounting plate to the wall
    • use top cabinet template to find drill holes location
    • adapt your microwave to your ventilation type – you can watch my video on that here – https://youtu.be/hqTEzMJ4lqg

    Tip: Microwaves approximately weighs over 50 poulds, so it is a good idea to have 2 people lifting the microwave for the installation.

    • mount the microwave to the wall
    • install charcoal filter – you can watch my video on that here – https://youtu.be/FtVHsRRvzN0

    I hope you find this post helpful.  Until then. XOXO


    Declutter Tips of the Day | Closet | Edit and Purge Regularly

    One of the things that I enjoy doing is organizing.  Today I am going to share one tip that I do to help keep my house organized. 



    Regularly go through yours and other family members’ closet.  For me, I don’t have a scheduled day and time when I do this but I just randomly do it when I feel like it.  If you are the type of person that likes a a schedule, you can do this once a month.

    Look for items (clothes, socks, underwear, purses, shoes, etc) that do not fit your anymore or does not make you feel confident in it. Think of when was the last time you wore or use it – if it is more than 8 months – purge it.  

    Make a quick and ruthless decision to do only any of these 3 things:

    • Keep
    • Donate – friends/family or donate to organizations
    • Trash 

    There should be nothing in between or a maybe trash or maybe donate.  Make a definite decision.

    Both of donate and trash should go in a black trash bag, labeled appropriately.  Then take it out of your house on the same day. 

    That’s it!  Then do it again in a month.

    I hope you find this post helpful.  Until then. XOXO

  • DIY

    Bathroom Faucet & Drain Replacement Pop Assembly | DIY by Real Regular Homeowner | July 2020

    We did not know what we were expecting when we were doing this. There are a lot of videos you can find in youtube but this one is true to life experience and realistic by real regular homeowner.

    We hope that this will teach and help people that wants to do this on their own.

    We bought the faucet assembly at Lowes for $59 but I have Amazon links below for those that does not have Lowes in their area or just some options:


    Matte Black Finish – https://amzn.to/2X3G97A

    Gold Finish – https://amzn.to/3gaTpPm

    Brushed Nickel Finish – https://amzn.to/32XtB5f

    I also added Amazon links for the tools we used:

    channellock wrench – https://amzn.to/3iN0aID

    basin wrench – https://amzn.to/3gJNznL

    adjustable wrench – https://amzn.to/2ZWHQ78

    plumbing thread sealant – https://amzn.to/2ZWKmdB

    plumbing tape – https://amzn.to/3gV17Nx

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    Review | Cleaning your Glass Cooktop with Bar Keepers Friend

    My glass cooktop is pretty clean since I keep it like that following my post over 2 years ago on How to REALLY Clean Burned-On Stains from your Glass Cooktop.  

    But even it may look clean from a distance, when you take a closer look at it, there are hard to remove stains on it.
    I have been using Cerama Bryte and a scraper for this but this time, I’m going to try Bar Keepers Friend.

    Get the following supplies:
      – water in spray bottle
    – Bar Keepers Friend cleanser & polish
      – scouring pad
      – microfiber cleaning cloth
      – paper towels
      – Bar Keepers Friend spray foam cleaner

    First: Spray & Powder

    Spray the cooktop with water then powder over it.

    Leave it for 5 minutes.

    Second: Scrub
    Using the scouring pad, start scrubbing the cooktop. 

    Concentrate on the stained area.

    It did not take very much of pressure for the stain to come off.  The product actually does a decent job removing the stains as you can see in the video.

    ” />

    Third: Wipe it Clean
    Using the damp microfiber cloth, wipe off the cooktop.  Spray it with the BKF spray foam cleaner.  

    Then wipe it again with the washed microfiber cloth.  The great thing about this cleaner, it cuts through grease leaving it squeaky clean.  ♥

    Finally, wipe it off with damp paper towel and tada!

    Although I am pretty impressed about this product, I would really like to try their cooktop cleaner and how it’s going to compare with the Cerama Bryte with scraper that I posted here.  That I had to do so much because the stain was burnt already.  

    Have you tried this product yet? Do you like it or not?  Let’s hear it.

    Disclosure: I received the above Bar Keepers Friend products to try in order for me to facilitate the review.  However, everything that this post contains are my own genuine experience/opinion.

    I really hope you find this post useful and if you have anything that you want me to post in the future, just let me know, XO.